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Our Sourcing Services

We offer a complete one-stop for a hassle-free sourcing experience

Sourcing the many elements that make up your garments or items can be extremely complex and cumbersome.

We seamlessly connect with our globally supply chain network to solve your sourcing needs.

Our dedicated sourcing team will get to task to find all relevant fabrics, trims or any other items that may be needed to deliver on your final item vision.

We never compromise on quality and ensure all items that are ordered are put to the highest levels of quality control checking before we sign them off into production.

Nothing is too complex for us to source.



With so many options, and so many source markets to buy Fabrics from it can become a maze to navigate for anyone who needs to procure relevant Fabrics that meet your needs. Our experienced team manage effectively needs for Fabric purchasing and advise on where is more effective to source from our global network of suppliers. Also keeping price and sustainability in mind as well as lead times for non standard materials. We advise not sell.
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Trims play a key role in the final look and feel. It is a major challenge to source branded trims or simply regular trims that you need to finish your items. With our global supplier network we provide you off-the-shelf or custom trims that comply with the highest levels of durability and quality.
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Our services

Our services