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Why manufacture in countries far a field who have high MOQ's and language barriers, when you have a 70 tailor facility to get your brand up and running


The first regional manufacturing facility, proudly in Bahrain, covering the whole of the GCC with no MOQ's and approach after holistic from design to market capability


We develop and design your collection, manufacture it, market it to your audience, then distribute it and offer support to your customers in a singular holistic relationship to set you up for success


Our production facilities are sustainable and deliver exceptional garments for your brand. We source quality fabrics and trims to give you the immaculate finish you want for your designs

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Our B2B clothing manufacturing service is set up as an optimal, cost-effective, sustainable and ethical micro-workshop that has the capacity of 70 tailors.

We offer budding designers, global brands or corporates a go-to place for the facilitation of manufacturing their collections or uniforms,  coupled with a comprehensive eco-system supporting you to success which includes marketing, fulfilment, procurement, customer support and e-commerce development and management.

In the current world environment, as we are seeing light at the end of a dark tunnel, we provide a turnkey cost-effective facility to get you back to work with minimal investment.

Whether clothing is your prime business, a hobby or a method of supplementing your income, we are here to provide you with a holistic service and support network to set you up for success.

The workshop

1 - Lets Talk

Our team will take you on a journey of discovery, we get learn all about your brand or business and define your needs

2 - Lets Design

Our team of Fashion Designers now start work on developing your collection based on what we know about your brand or business

3 - Lets Curate

Our team of experienced Seamster's now embark on bringing the designs to life, delivering you high quality pieces

4 - Lets Deliver

With your collection now ready, we now handover or facilitate, for brands, the process of getting your collection to the market for selling


The future of Clothing Manufacturing

The Globalisation of fashion supply chains has seen fashion manufacturers in developed high wage countries lose business to larger upscale suppliers in low-cost countries. 


But the trend towards digitalisation and mass customisation means micro-factories close to customers will be the key component in the future of fashion manufacturing. 


Benefits of Micro-Factory operations include speed-to-market, flexibility, low MOQ’s, and a lower carbon footprint adding to the sustainability global mandate.  



(Minimum Order Quantities)

At the core of our objectives, is enablement.  We want you to succeed with the lowest possible investment needed in stock.  As a new brand or an existing brand over 80% of investment is put into stock which may not sell and due to the proprietary design may not have circularity capabilities.  Our facility is able to provide you with your collections at no MOQ commitments.  You can make 10 items or 100, we leave it for you to decide based on your needs.   This way freeing up your cash-flow so you can spend it in building your consumer base and brand rather then sitting on stock from day one

“We don’t just close a sale, we open a relationship.”


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A multi-faceted international lifestyle brand which delivers unique and high-quality products and services.  

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