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Our Production Services

Our garment production services deliver the best in market quality

We never compromise on the quality of our garment production processes and the end products we produce for our Partners.

With an experienced team of Master Cutters, Seamsters, Production Managers, Quality Control Analysts and Finishers we deliver exceptional results.

With our extensive modern machinery and sophisticated production setup, we are certain to exceed your expectations.

Our experience is not limited to a certain category and we can produce a wide range of items that meet your needs.



Sampling is a key part of the production process. With our hassle-free and comprehensive sampling solution we guide and mentor you to make correct decisions before investing in major production runs, saving both time and money. Sampling is the key for a successful end product.
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Our extensive team of Seamsters and supporting functions, give you a plethora of options of items that we can tailor for you. From basic items to complex pieces, nothing is too much for us to deliver on.
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Our services

Our services