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Our Design Services

We offer a full-range of design services that are customised for you

As part of our holistic offering, we provide a comprehensive offering to support our Partners in all aspects of the design aspect of their needs. Our team of expert designers can develop complete collections and beyond to ensure it meet your brand’s needs and market trends including full techpacks ready for production.



In need of design assistance for your brand or collection? Then you have landed the right Partner. We provide a wide range of services to help you effortlessly get from Point A to Point B, whatever that might look like for your unique situation. Our experienced team is available at hand to facilitate all your simple or complex needs.
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Pattern Making is a pivotal part of the design process from idea to sampling to production. Our dedicated team supports you with developing effective patterns that deliver on your final product needs effortlessly.
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Having a TechPack is a fundamental part of the process of developing an item. The complexity around each element and finish is laid out clearly in a ready-to-go to production pack that simplifies the process and delivers the expected finishes are results. Our experts are at hand to assist in this complex, but very important process.
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Size Charts

Producing garments and items that fit, are consistent and are suited to the target audience is key but also involves a lot of trial and error. With our dedicated Size Chart development process also known as Grading, we can help you navigate this complex process at ease.
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Brand Concept

Developing the right brand look and feel is key to your positioning. With our dedicated brand development team, we take a brief and develop a brand that will astound and deliver exceptional results you want to achieve.
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Brand Audit and

It is always good to reinvent, therefore being relevant and market trendy is key to any brand that has a legacy or intends to reposition. With our consultancy service, we deep dive into your current and map out the tomorrow of your brand positioning through extensive audit and analysis.
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Our services

Our services